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Welcome on our website about haiku, poems & quotes with many Happy New Year Poems 2013 and Christmas Poems.

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There are many occasions like birthdays, weddings, valentine, a lost of a friend... to send someone a poem or a quote.

On this website about poems & quotes you'll find a nice collection of poems and quotes we've found on the internet supplemented with poems of our own.

We have limited our poem categories: happy birthday poems, missing you poems, encouragement poems, friendship poems, good health poems, gratitude poems, in memory of poems, valentine peoms and wedding poems.

We mainly collect short verses, because it is easier to write them down on a card to send someone for valentine or to surprise someone on his/her birthday. Also special birthday poems.

We've included some roses are red poems for vallentine or to express your love.

If you like to write poems just for fun or to put on greeting cards this poem website may give you the inspiration you need!

Added some new items, growing up poems and missing you poems.

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