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Christmas is a time of joy, forgiving, reflection, giving love, family Ö We celebrate Xmas on Christmas day and the night before Christmas. Writing a funny Xmas poem or haiku is a great idea for kids. Use a haiku. This gives you a short Christmas wish to write on a Xmas card. Grandma and grandfather like to receive a poem on Christmas from their grandchildren.

Help your kids to write Xmas poetry. You can find Noel children poems on the internet on many website, but grandparents will appreciate it very much when their grandchildren try to write a funny Xmas wishes on their own. They can write about the night before Christmas telling about Santa Claus bringing gifts. A humorous Noel verse is always successful.

A short Christmas poem is sufficient. It is the intention that counts. A short haiku poem about Noel is easy to write on Xmas cards or an acrostic verse. It is also nice to hang the Noel poems on the tree. You donít have to be religious to write Xmas poems. You donít have to write about Jesus or angels. Love and friendship between family members is very important and a good topic for your message.

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